Imaging Solutions

SoproLife – Light Induced Fluorescence Evaluator

A truly unique imaging device used for the diagnosis and treatment of caries.
SOPROLIFE offers you the ability to detect tooth decay at different stages of its development thus allowing you to determine the most adequate treatment. The auto fluorescence technology in SOPROLIFE will allow you to detect occlusal or interproximal decay – even in its earliest stages- which is often missed by X-rays.

SOPROLIFE allows you to differentiate healthy from infected tissue in order to excavate only the tissue which is diseased allowing you to perform “minimally invasive dentistry”.

Features of SOPROLIFE

  • 3 differing treatment modes – Diagnostic mode, Treatment mode and Daylight mode
  • Less X-ray Exposure For Patients
  • 4 Focus Modes
  • Unmatched Image Quality

Sopro 717- The Camera That Sets More Than Just The Tone

One tool, two functions: Camera and personal shade selection assistant. With one click, turn your intra-oral camera into a shade selection tool. The 717 camera offers, unbeatable image quality, macro, Intra and Extra-oral settings, eight “new generation” LEDs, video and USB 2 digital output and the sensitive Sopro Touch control to capture images.

  • Advance design and technology
  • Macro Vision
  • Unmatched Image Quality
  • From Macro to Infinity
  • SoproShade

Sopro 617 Masterpiece

The 617 camera offers the latest in technology; the curved design provides increased (15% more) viewing access into the patient’s mouth, the aspheric lens which eliminates distortion, the latest generation LEDs which utilize condensers to focus the light and produce a very powerful beam.

The Sopro 617 adapts perfectly to any dental surgery environment whatever the requirement.

Sopix2 – So True, So High-Tech, So Functional

Sopro Acteon Imaging uses new cutting edge technology and introduces the new digital X-ray system Sopix2. Thanks to the fibre optic based CMOS technology exception image quality is achieved. Capture high definition images with striking contrasts to greatly simplify diagnoses.
Sopix2 along with Sopro Imaging allow you to display the efficiency of your X-ray generator thanks to its Oscilloscope mode. With this function you can check at any time the performance of your generators output.

Features of Sopix2

  • Safer for the patient
  • No more overexposed x-ray images
  • Exceptional Image Quality
  • Ease of operator use
  • Improved Patient comfort

PSP!X – Phosphor Plate System – One You Shoot Two You Scan

The PSPIX Phosphor Plate System is designed to make intra-oral imaging in the dental practise easier and more efficient. The system is easy to use, fast to operate with a readout time of 4.3 to 7.5 sec. It is perfect for single or multiple operatory practices. The PSP!X system can be networked; it provides a constant image quality and is ergonomic and compact. It has flexible, thin, cordless and reusable plates in four imaging plate sizes and most importantly has a wide dynamic range.


The new X-Mind DC generator is fitted with a Toshiba DG-073B-DC double anode tungsten tube (intensity of 4mA and 8mA). It generates a constant voltage of 60kV or 70kV. It operates at high frequencies and constant potential which enable very high quality radiation to be emitted.

The choice of voltage (60kV or 70kV) and intensity (4 or 8mA) enables optimal diagnosis of intraoral X-rays with a 35% reduction in exposure time, compared with monophased units.

The time can control up to two DC generators. The extremely short exposure times (minimum 0.02 sec.) are suitable for digital radiology with CCD, CMOS or phosphor plate sensors (radiation is 50% less that used with “E” type films)

  • Double chamber light alloy head
  • Patented timer to connect to two DC generators at the same time
  • Electronics programme, enables the exposure time and radiation absorption to be reduced
  • X-Mind Tubes are located at the back of the head which gives the patient better protection because the distance between the focal spot and the skin is 50% greater than in traditional configurations.
  • The X-Mind range pantograph arms provide great flexibility of use and accurate positioning.
  • There is 3 extension arm length: 41cms (16.2”), 82.5cm (32.5”) and 110cm (43.5”), giving reaches respectively of 143cm, 184cm and 212cm (with long cone)