5 Things You Need to Consider when Buying a Handpiece

5 Things You Need to Consider when Buying a Handpiece

Are you considering buying a new handpiece? Are you planning to start your own dental practice? Whether you want to open your own dental practice or plan to upgrade your current practice, you need to consider a few things when it comes to purchasing handpieces.

1. Size & Weight of the Handpiece

When looking for  handpieces, its ergonomics and longevity should be taken into consideration. Your individual hand size has a large impact on the type of handpiece you select. The majority of the dentists, especially women, prefer lightweight handpieces. Lightweight handpieces enable you to operate efficiently and with reduced hand fatigue.

W&H Handpiece - Dental Installations (Australia) Pty Ltd2. Specifications of the Handpiece

Handpieces have a wide range of speeds, power, water and light specifications so it is important you choose the right handpiece for the right procedure. Any of our equipment experts can advise you on the right handpiece to suit your surgery needs.

3. Warranty

When purchasing  handpieces, always compare the warranty periods between manufacturers. This helps you fully understand the total cost of ownership.

4. After-sales Service

After sales service is just as important as the service you receive leading up to the purchase of your new handpieces. Ensure you purchase new handpieces from a company that focuses on long term working relationships with you and is there for you if you have any issues with your new handpiece.

5. Budget

You need to consider what budget the surgery has allocated for the year for handpiece purchases before you start investigating which type of handpieces you are going to buy. You also need to consider whether you are going to pay  outright or are you are going to finance the purchase. If you are considering financing the purchase speak to your finance representative and be sure to discuss with your accountant to take advantage of the tax deduction (for equipment priced up to $20,000.00).

If you are interested in trialing some new handpieces or if you wish to purchase new handpieces, please feel free to contact one of our equipment experts on 1300 305 267.