Tanya McRae elected as ADIA President

Tanya McRae elected as ADIA President

On 26 October 2018, Ms. Tanya McRae, Director for Dental Installations (Australia) Pty Ltd., was elected as the Australian Dental Industry Association’s (ADIA) National President for a two-year term.  ADIA is the peak business organisation representing manufacturers and suppliers of innovative dental products.

Tanya McRae - Dental Installations Australia Pty Ltd

Ms McRae has been involved with the ADIA for some time now as the past New South Wales Branch President and is currently a Board Member and Committee member of the ADIA-TCPC Trade and Commercial Policy Committee.

Reaffirming Ms McRae’s passion for the dental industry, she said she is pleased to be able to serve the industry and association in a greater capacity. Ms. McRae further explained the collective focus of the association will be on providing infrastructures that allow the member’s businesses to grow, create jobs and operate sustainably.

Currently, Ms McRae looks forward to working with the immediate past Present, Mr Phil Jolly, with regards to the 2016-20 ADIA Strategic Plan. She clarified the Plan includes a raised awareness of the new and innovative patient treatment pathways that the dental industry offers Australia’s oral health community.

Experienced in the areas of financial management, strategic planning and change management, Ms McRae is uniquely positioned to understand the interests of small businesses in the sector. Aside from being the Director at Dental Installations since 2008, her previous experiences include management roles at Bytecraft Systems (NSW) Pty Ltd from 2001-07 and as a project manager with Aristocrat Australia from 2000-01.

New W&H Lisa: Fast, easy sterilisation!

New W&H Lisa: Fast, easy sterilisation!

The efficient new  W&H Lisa sterilizer  features major performance, user interface and traceability options, building on the groundbreaking innovations of earlier W&H  Lisa sterilizers. New features include an accelerated “Type B” sterilization cycle for quicker processing of the average load, an  intuitive colour touchpad and Real Time Remote Monitoring via WiFi.

W&H Lisa Image

Performance Patented advanced Eco Dry technology adapts the drying time to the mass of the load. The W&H Lisa is the only bench-top steam sterilizer with an air detector which tests for the presence of air pockets to ensure the load has appropriate exposure to saturated steam. Automatic adjustment of the drying time depending on the load reduces the heat exposure time. This extends the service life of the instruments and means less energy consumption. Lisa offers a fast Class B cycle to  process and completely dry 2 kg of typical load in only 30 minutes. Lisa also offers the option of an extremely quick “S-cycle” for the sterilization of unwrapped instruments – which can be removed from the sterilizer ready for use after just 13 minutes!

Easy to use The new Lisa colour touch screen with its user-friendly menu structure and intuitive menus has been selected and designed to make daily work easier, faster and more efficient with the  following features:

  • Simple cycle selection – The home screen displays the cycle selection on power-up;
  • Intuitive navigation – The Lisa touch screen displays four logical groups  of activities for swift and efficient  navigation; and
  • User guidance – 3D animations show maintenance operations step-by-step.

Traceability Cycle details can be automatically saved on the integrated 8 gigabyte USB drive, without the need for additional cables or external equipment such as a PC. Or, with the convenient free Lisa Mobile App, the operator can monitor up to 4 sterilizers on a Smartphone or tablet in real time from any place in the practice. The Lisa Mobile App is able to retrieve cycle reports from a barcode label printed by LisaSafe. The barcode can be read with the Smartphone camera.

Ergonomics The revised internal and external Lisa design features an integrated funnel preventing water splashes during the water filling process. An automatic water-filling valve allows connection to a  demineralization system. Thanks to the optimized internal air circulation, the sterilizer can be built into a cabinet as well. The compact design enables the new Lisa to be easily and seamlessly integrated into spaces with as little as 45 cm shelf depth.

Cleaning and maintenance The smooth surface design with minimal gaps makes cleaning easier. A built in help function with animations provides step-by-step guidance for routine maintenance procedures.

Model options The new Lisa is available in two chamber sizes: 17 litres and 22 litres and is supplied with a reversible rack,  5 aluminium trays, drain tube, tray holder, 8 GB USB drive, door opening tool and factory test information.

 Written by Mr David Petrikas PR Strategy Consulting Sydney, Australia

W&H and Osstell: A perfect match

W&H and Osstell: A perfect match

As a surprise to the market, the Austrian family-run enterprise W&H at EAO in Paris announced its exclusive cooperation with the renowned Swedish company Osstell, together with its presentation of the new lmplantmed generation.

The new lmplantmed impresses with numerous optimized features designed to satisfy today’s needs in implant dentistry, periodontal and maxillofacial surgery. On top, Implantmed is available with an optional W&H Osstell ISO module to measure the stability of an implant and, thus, control the healing period and optimize treatment times.

The following interview was published in EDI Journal: W&H CEO Peter Malata, Osstell CEO Jonas Ehinger and Professor Neil Meredith, who originally developed the resonance frequency analysis (RFA) method.

Q What gave you the idea of your cooperation to begin with and which company will benefit more?

Malata: You can speak of a triple win rather than a win-win situation here. We are both family-run or midsize companies with a strong innovative strain, so talks started very easily. With the unique combination of our state-of-the-art technologies, we can bring clear benefits closer to clinicians from all over the world and to their patients.

Ehinger: Another advantage of proprietor-led businesses like ours is that we accept each other’s individualist approaches. We join forces as a winning team, but we also respect the individual history of each other.

Image of Implantmed

Q What are the crucial benefits for the clinician?

Malata: lmplantmed stands for ease of operation. The guiding principle behind the user interface of the new generation was to integrate innovative functions which support an intuitive use. The aim is to make day-to-day work considerably simpler for both the surgeon and the dental nurse. In addition, the new surgical device presents a number of further improvements, such as an extremely small and lightweight motor, a wireless foot control and the best weight-torque relation you will find in the market.

Ehinger: Optionally, the new lmplantmed can be equipped with the Osstell ISQ module as an efficient, clinically proven and reliable solution for measuring implant stability. Our implant stability diagnostics together with the sophisticated lmplantmed for the surgical placement provides a unique capability benefitting both clinicians and their patients.

Q Why do you consider it vital for yourself and your patients to measure implant stability and to monitor osseointegration?

Meredith: Today, workflows in implant dentistry tend to be quicker, patients demand chairside solutions, implantations into extraction sites, immediate restorations or even immediate loading protocols. With this, you do not only need to know your implants stability, but you had better also have a good documentation of it, both for yourself and for forensic reasons. With the Osstell, you get a proven diagnostic assurance and great prognostic values for your treatment. Combined with the lmplantmed, which shows advanced ergonomic features I have never experienced before, both for myself and the assistants, it is a perfect match for many of today’s challenges. Not to forget: It is a great tool for teaching, for explaining the biological process of implant stability and osseointegration to our students and dentists in postgraduate training for dental implantology. And the menu and guidance of the combined setting is extremely intuitive and userfriendly.

Malata: For the first time, you have this unique combination of insertion torque control and the initialstability ISQ measurement. Moreover, documentation of both these parameters by patient ID and tooth position facilitates a comprehensive and more predictable treatment protocol. All these benefits are available with no additional complicated apparatus, instead providing a most convenient working process and surgical environment.

Originally published in EDI magazine 04/2016