What to look for in a steriliser

What to look for in a steriliser

Image of the W&H Lisa VA

It’s essential to have sound instrument handling procedures and a proven and traceable sterilization protocol – especially in busy dental practices – to ensure staff and patients are protected from potential infections from dental instruments.

Recognising this, the new W&H Lisa VA sets a new benchmark in fast, simple and secure sterilization – ensuring infection control standards are more consistently maintained in the dental practice.

The need for speed

The Lisa VA employs advanced, patented Eco Dry technology that adapts the drying time to the mass of the load – the smaller the load, the less drying time needed – without compromising necessary cycle parameters for time, steam and temperature!

The Eco Dry process enables the Lisa VA to process and completely dry a typical 2kg B-type mixed load in just 30 minutes. Lisa also offers the option of an extremely quick 13-minute cycle for small loads of unwrapped instruments. Reducing cycle time eliminates unnecessary exposure to heat, which extends the life of instruments and reduces energy consumption.

Easy to use

Thanks to its new colour touch screen and intuitive menu structure, the LISA VA-series is extremely simple to use. The display can be easily customised to commence a fully automatic B Cycle at the single touch of a button, ensuring all load types (solid, hollow, porous, wrapped or unwrapped) are properly sterilized. This is important, because selecting the B Cycle ensures adequate air removal and steam penetration for porous and hollow wrapped loads.

Password protection – App control

Image of a Lisa App

In keeping with Australian Standards AS 4815 and AS 4187 for traceability requirements, Lisa offers the option of password protected user identification at load release and automatic capture of cycle data.

The Lisa can be connected to computer via Ethernet, or the data downloaded at any time on an 8GB USB device. Or with the convenient free Lisa Mobile App, the operator can monitor up to four sterilizers wirelessly on a Smartphone or tablet in real time from anywhere in the practice.

The Lisa Mobile App is able to retrieve cycle reports from the barcode printed by the optional LisaSafe label printer. The barcode can be read with a Smartphone camera.

The printed label’s bar code information can be scanned directly into a patient file linking a sterilization cycle with a single patient, clinician and procedure – i.e. batch control identification – providing a permanent record for medico legal purposes

Air detector

To be effective, a vacuum steam sterilizer must remove all air from within the load (pre-vacuum phase) before the sterilizing phase commences. The Lisa VA is the only bench-top sterilizer with a built-in air detector that confirms instruments are exposed to saturated steam without the presence of air pockets in every cycle, thereby negating the option to use a batch load PCD (process challenge device).

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 By Christopher Jobson W&H Territory Manager Australia, New Zealand

Black is White: Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste

Black is White: Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste

Teeth-whitening the CURAPROX way

Majority of the whitening toothpastes in the market contain abrasive particles or they use chemical agents to bleach. Curaprox Black is white, with its refreshingly lemon-mint flavor, removes discolouration using activated carbon. Activated carbon gives the toothpaste both its colour and its name. It makes the toothpaste pitch black, yet keeps your teeth sparkly and pearly-white.

Its enzymes even boost oral health. These enzymes support salivary functions which enhances antibacterial and antiviral function to prevent tooth decay and to help combat dry mouth. All this without Sodium lauryl Sulphate which the oral mucusa hates and it doesn’t contain triclosan.

Hydroxylapatite: Enamel Replacement in a Tube

It’s good for your teeth. Hydroxylapatite hardens tooth enamel more effectively and has a protective effect. Fluoride which is commonly found in majority of the toothpaste only makes the enamel acid-stable. Unlike Fluoride, Hydroxylapatite serves as a protective layer on the tooth and can remedy damaged tooth enamel by filling incipient cavities again.

Black is White is an affordable, safe and effective whitening agent with double protection against tooth decay. It makes your teeth glow with pearlescence.

Assistina TWIN: Maintenance Without Waiting Times

Assistina TWIN: Maintenance Without Waiting Times

Are you tired of annoying waiting times during the maintenance process of your instruments?

The newly released Assistina TWIN boasts a short cycle time of only 10 seconds, a sophisticated dual-chamber system helps reduce waiting times during the maintenance process.

The new Assistina TWIN has a simple operating system. Its instrument ports are ergonomically arranged providing additional convenience. The new optimised method of oil application and the use of HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter provides short cycle times. The Assistina TWIN can process up to 360 instruments in one hour!


The Assistina TWIN is the first reprocessing device to be equipped with dual chambers that can be used alternately, allowing non-stop loading.


W&H employed an innovative oil nebulisation technology to guarantee the processing time of just 10 seconds per instrument. The nebulised oil is blasted through the instrument at high pressure, producing a fine mist that reaches the remote parts of the gears. This removes debris and dirt from the instruments completely and efficiently. Assistina TWIN’s state-of-the-art process monitoring system ensures the exact quantity of oil required for every instrument.

Assistina TWIN is an automatic maintenance device for straight-and contra- angle handpieces, turbines, air motors, air-driven scalers, and surgical straight and contra- angle handpieces. The Assistina TWIN is a cost-effective solution which helps save resources. The ergonomic design allows the easy exchange of adaptors and cleaning the device is made simple.

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A-DEC 500: Better Ergonomics, More Flexibility

A-DEC 500: Better Ergonomics, More Flexibility

In the past, manufacturers have sacrificed the performance of a dental chair’s feature for operating access and/or integration of technology into the delivery system just to achieve optimum performance for patient comfort. Easy operating access, integration of technology into the delivery system, and patient comfort are the three primary features that dentists look into when choosing a dental equipment.

Today, there’s an equipment package that excels in all three areas which is the A-dec 500. This dental chair is manufactured by a global leader with a proven history of quality dental equipment.


photo of A-dec 500 Dental Chair

 The chair provides an exceptional range of motion for the doctor. This includes a low base-down position to help improve access, visibility, and posture. The slim-profile headrest and ultra-thin backrest allow more legroom under the chair. A lever on the gliding headrest makes it convenient for the doctor for a quick and easy adjustment with just one hand.

The A-dec 500 provides a better ergonomics and more flexibility in its delivery system. With a pivoting centrally mounted control head, extended tubing reach, and a delivery arm that rotates around the chair, its delivery system provides unsurpassed range of motion for the doctor.

The adjustable holders on the traditional control head provides streamlined access to the instruments. The silicone handpiece tubing is lightweight and flexible to help minimise wrist strain.


500 deluxe touchpad image

An integral part of the features of A-dec 500 is its touchpad which serves as a convenient command center for controlling handpieces and other integrated accessories. The touchpad works in conjunction with the other key elements such as the foot control, allowing you to stay focus on the procedure rather than the equipment. When you removed an instrument from the holder, the touchpad automatically displays status, adjustments, and other functions that keep you in control at all times during the procedure.


For the patient, the anatomically formed backrest and seat cushion provide exceptional comfort and support. The innovative headrest automatically glides with the patient when the chair back is raised or lowered and the chair’s virtual pivot keeps the patient from having to readjust when the chair seat and back are in motion. The multi-position armrests easily drop out of the way to streamline patient entry and exit.

Designed for comfort, the A-dec LED light easily glides into the exact position needed for optimal illumination during any procedure. The automatic on/off feature that are available on a A-dec 500 systems means you can operate the light without having to touch it. The light automatically turns on when the chair back reclines and turns off when the chair moves to the entry/exit position. There’s no need to reach or look-away.

A-dec 500 is backed by years of research, inputs from doctors around the world, and rigorous testing in a dental school environment. As the most advanced system currently on the market, A-dec 500 will meet the needs of your practice and enable you to deliver a higher level of patient care for years to come. Call us at 1300 305 267 for a free in-surgery consultation.