Assistina TWIN: Maintenance Without Waiting Times

Assistina TWIN: Maintenance Without Waiting Times

Are you tired of annoying waiting times during the maintenance process of your instruments?

The newly released Assistina TWIN boasts a short cycle time of only 10 seconds, a sophisticated dual-chamber system helps reduce waiting times during the maintenance process.

The new Assistina TWIN has a simple operating system. Its instrument ports are ergonomically arranged providing additional convenience. The new optimised method of oil application and the use of HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter provides short cycle times. The Assistina TWIN can process up to 360 instruments in one hour!


The Assistina TWIN is the first reprocessing device to be equipped with dual chambers that can be used alternately, allowing non-stop loading.


W&H employed an innovative oil nebulisation technology to guarantee the processing time of just 10 seconds per instrument. The nebulised oil is blasted through the instrument at high pressure, producing a fine mist that reaches the remote parts of the gears. This removes debris and dirt from the instruments completely and efficiently. Assistina TWIN’s state-of-the-art process monitoring system ensures the exact quantity of oil required for every instrument.

Assistina TWIN is an automatic maintenance device for straight-and contra- angle handpieces, turbines, air motors, air-driven scalers, and surgical straight and contra- angle handpieces. The Assistina TWIN is a cost-effective solution which helps save resources. The ergonomic design allows the easy exchange of adaptors and cleaning the device is made simple.

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