THE NEW A-DEC 500: A Legend, Redefined

THE NEW A-DEC 500: A Legend, Redefined

In the past, manufacturers have sacrificed the performance of a dental chair’s feature just to achieve optimum performance for patient comfort. Easy operating access, integration of technology into the delivery system and patient comfort. These are the three primary features that dentists look into when choosing a dental equipment.

The new A-dec 500 is an equipment package that excels in all the three areas. This dental chair is manufactured by a global leader, with a proven history of quality dental equipment.


The chair provides an exceptional range of motion for the doctor. This includes a low base-down position to help improve access, visibility and posture. The slim-profile headrest and ultra-thin backrest allow more leg room under the chair. A lever on the gliding headrest makes it convenient for the doctor for a quick and easy adjustment with just one hand.

The new A-dec 500 provides better ergonomics and more flexibility in its delivery system. With a pivoting, centrally mounted control head, extended tubing reach and a delivery arm that rotates around the chair, its delivery system provides an unsurpassed range of motion for the doctor.

The adjustable holders on the traditional control head provides streamlined access to the instruments. The silicone handpiece tubing is lightweight and flexible to help minimize wrist strain.


The new A-dec 500 delivery system integrates with most clinical devices. It allows doctors to work with instruments they choose. You have the option to reconfigure the delivery system and embrace new capabilities.

With six positions on the control head, you can integrate practically any combination from cameras and scalers to curing lights and electric motors. Each position is movable and can be tilt downward for easy grip when in use and return upright when they’re not.

The touchpad gives you holistic control. It let you seamlessly access, activate and deactivate your clinical instruments and devices without giving it a conscious thought. The equipment disappears, in essence, allowing you to focus on dentistry.


For the patient, the anatomically formed backrest and seat cushion provide exceptional comfort and support. The innovative headrest automatically glides with the patient when the chair back is raised or lowered. The chair’s virtual pivot keeps the patient from having to readjust themselves when the chair seat and back are in motion. The multi-position armrests easily drop out of the way to assist with patient entry and exit.

Designed for comfort, the A-dec LED light easily glides into the exact position needed for optimal illumination during any procedure. The automatic on/off feature on an A-dec 500 system means you can operate the light without having to touch it. The light automatically turns on when the chair back reclines and turns off when the chair moves to the entry/exit position. There’s no need to reach or look-away.

The New A-dec 500 is backed by years of research with rigorous testing in dental school environments. As the most advanced system currently on the market, A-dec 500 will meet the needs of your practice and enable you to deliver a higher level of patient care for years to come. Call us at 1300 305 267 for a free in-surgery consultation.