Electric and Air Motors

Electric and Air Motors

Electric Motors

A-dec electric motors are light, powerful, quiet, and full of tactile feeling. These help you do more in less time, reduce cleanup and extend product life. You get to enjoy a full range of speed, with all the power you need.

Image of an EA-53 - Electric Motor

EA-53 – Electric Motor

One of the most compact and lightweight electric motors on the market, the A-dec EA-53 electric motor provides superior ergonomics with reduced hand and wrist fatigue. You can have it all: small size, big integration, and tactile sensitivity that sets a whole new standard.

  • Over three times the power of an air handpiece in virtually the same size
  • Vibration-free motor operation delivers unparalleled tactile feedback
  • Low noise level and LED lighting for superior visibility

The EA-53 has a 2 year warranty

EA-52 – Electric Motor
(replacement motor available only)

The EA-52 electric motor can be fully integrated into an A-dec chair, providing power, precision and control.

The E-51LT can be used in a variety of work, ranging from restorative to endodontic.

The EA-52 provides two operating modes – Standard and Endodontic. It is the smallest in its category and can be activated by the touch of a button. It offers an exceptional ergonomic design, quiet operation and torque control with auto reverse.

The EA-52 has a 2 year warranty

Air Motors

The W&H air motor is characterized by high motor power and a long lifespan. Power can be controlled smoothly in both forward and reverse drive. It works quietly and is very light to use. The air motor is easy to clean and maintain and is available with or without light and with or without water.

Image of W&H Air Motor

Air Motors without water

Image of W&H Air Motor

Air Motors with internal water
WH-AM-25 A
WH-AM-25 LT with Light