Reciprocating Contra-Angle Handpieces

Reciprocating Contra-Angle Handpieces

Synea Fusion

Image of Synea Fusion Turbine Handpiece

W&H Profin® contra-angle handpiece for Dentatus-tips:

  • Safe and efficient reworking of excess filler material, cement and bonding
  • Thorough cleaning and polishing of proximal and interdental areas, as well as subgingival surfaces as well as Fine polishing with wooden tips
  • Shaping and adjustment of papillary areas to natural tooth forms
  • Grinding of concave front tooth guiding surfaces
  • Fine processing of grooves and cavities

W&H Intensiv contra-angle handpiece for Intensiv files:

  • Finishing of interproximal and subgingival areas and cavity margins
  • Chamfering of the preparation edges and of cavities
  • Removal of sub gingival plaque and Orthodontic stripping


Image of WG 67 LT Synea Fusion Reciprocating Contra-Angle  Handpiece

WG-67 LT (with light)
WG-67 A (without light)
Profin® contra-angle handpiece 2:1, single spray, stroke 1.1 mm, for Dentatus tips

Image of WG 69 LT Synea Fusion Reciprocating Contra-Angle  Handpiece

WG-69 LT (with light)
WG-69 A (without light)
1:4,5, 5-fold spray, head size Ø 9,1 mm, press-button chuck system for FG burs Ø 1,6 mm, glass rod