W&H Sterilisation, Hygiene and Maintenance

Lisa VA

W&H Lisa type-B water steam sterilizer, for the safe sterilization of solid, hollow and porous products in accordance with the EN13060.

  • User interface and user-friendly menu structure
  • Advanced patented Eco Dry technology enables Class B cycles with a reduced cycle time of 30 minutes for 2 kg of load
  • Full traceability via Wi-Fi connection and Mobile App for Real Time Remote Monitoring (Remote Wi-Fi kit)
  • Revised design with minimized gaps for simple cleaning
  • Guided maintenance animations displayed on touch screen
  • Ethernet connection allows four sterilizers to share one label printer
  • Battery-operated door opening tool
  • Fast cycle for handpieces
  • Programmable cycle start
  • Automatic water filling valve
  • Water separation system, dust filter and water quality sensor
  • Modular front feet
  • Lisa is available with chamber size 17 l or 22 l

Lina MB

Lina autoclaves offer exclusively type B cycles that are suitable for the sterilization of all types of dental products. With its ease-of-use and practical keypad it is assured to navigate all the sterilization options easily.

  • Lina’s cycle times are reduced by up to half with the short ECO B cycle
  • Silent operation due to the patented
    Water Separation System
  • You can easily navigate all the sterilization options with Lina’s user-friendly keypad
  • The built-in frame dust filter ensures constant performance levels, reduced maintenance costs and longer service intervals
  • Delayed and programmable cycle start saves cost and time
  • Integrated automatic water filling valve (optional)
  • Automatic digital cycle recording on USB stick (optional)
  • Lina offers you a great price performance ratio
  • Lina is available with chamber size 17 l or 22 l

Lisa Safe

The traceability of sterilisation protocols is becoming an ever-increasing requirement to ensure patient safety and to legally protect dental practices.

For this reason, W&H presents a comprehensive traceability concept to be used in conjunction with Lisa 500 sterilisers.

The system is simple. A label printer is connected directly to the steriliser and authorizes automatic or manual label printing only if the cycle has been successfully completed and saved, reducing the risk of errors.

Image of a W&H Lisa Safe

Assistina TWIN

The Assistina TWIN performs your instrument maintenance quicker than ever before. Through the innovative oil nebulization technology, W&H has been able to reduce the maintenance process to a record time of just 10 seconds.

  • Oil service without waiting – Relaxed maintenance  more effective than ever. First reprocessing device for dental instruments which is equipped  with two process chambers that can be used alternately.
  • Practical for every practice – Process up to 360 instruments per hour. Assistina TWIN adapts to the specific requirements of your practice. The process chambers can be equipped with suitable adaptors.
  • Minimal consumption – Cost-effectively instrument maintenance. Instrument maintenance with smart process monitoring. The Assistina TWIN Care Set does not need to be replaced until after approximately 2,800 instruments.
Image of Assistina Twin

Assistina 301 Plus

The Assistina 301 Plus can extend the life of your handpieces, motors, and attachments. This unique device turns handpiece maintenance into an easy and consistent process.

At the touch of a button, the Assistina automatically cleans spray coolant lines. It sends a precise amount of lubricant through drive air channels, while rotating turbines and gears, then expels excess fluid and debris—all for less than 2 cents per cycle. Adaptors are available to fit other manufacturers’ instruments.

The assistina will clean and maintain:

  • Straight handpieces;
  • Contra-angle handpieces;Turbines (except air-bearing turbines);
  • Air Motors;
  • Scalers (air driven scalers only)

The advantages of the Assistina 301 Plus:

  • Prepares handpieces, motors, and attachments for sterilisation
  • No electricity required
  • Integrated filter system contains aerosols
  • Quick-disconnect system
  • Includes 2 universal adapters
  • Compatible with most handpiece brands
  • 1-year warranty
Image of Assistina 301 Plus

Image of a W&H F1 Service Oil

F1 Service Oil

W&H Service oil is a synthetic oil of maximum purity which has been specifically developed for maintenance of W&H turbine handpieces, straight and contra-angle handpieces, surgical instruments, air scalers and motors

Accessories for Sterilisers

LisaSafe label printer
(REF 19721100)

LisaSafe connection kit
(REF 19721102)

LisaSafe connection kit
(REF 19721123)

LisaSafe consumables kit
(REF A810500x)

Pouch sealing device Seal
(REF 19722101)

Barcode scanner
(REF 19721112)

(REF 19721108)

Roll of thermal paper for Sprint
REF A810504X

Standard paper roll, 57 mm for Print REF A700140x

Double paper roll, 57 mm for Print REF A700141x

Cartridge for Print
(REF A700103x)

Remote Wi-Fi kit
(USB dongle)
(REF 1972112)

Ethernet cable (LAN) 3 m
(REF A801500X)

LisaWare LAN
(LAN connection)
(REF 19721103)

LisaWare RS232
(Serial connection)
(REF 19721104)

Osmo water supply
(REF 19723100)

Resin cartridge
for Dem 10 and 32
(REF A812100x)

Multidem C27 
(REF 19723112)

Mulitdem C27 resin cartridge
(REF A812016X)

Water dispenser kit
(REF A812018X)

Dist water distiller
(REF 19723101)

Prim water quality tester
(REF A800502x)

Water residue cleaner
for Dist 500g
(REF H802010x)

Water receiver for Dist
(REF A811019X)

Activated charcoal sachet for Dist 12 pcs
(REF H802011x)

Resin cartridge
for Demin 20 (2 refills)
(REF A812000x)

Funnel for Lisa 500 & 300
(REF F540903x)

Drain tube with quick coupling
(REF S230900x)

Reversible rack for 3 standard cassettes

For Lisa 517, Lisa 317 and Lisa 17 (REF F523008x)

For Lisa 522, Lisa 322 and Lisa 22 (REF F523009x)

Reversible rack for 4 cassettes

For Lisa 517, Lisa 317 and Lisa 17 (REF F523012x)

For Lisa 522, Lisa 322 and Lisa 22 (REF F523015x)

Reversible rack for 3 wide cassettes

For Lisa 517, Lisa 317 and Lisa 17 (REF F523020x)

For Lisa 522, Lisa 322 and Lisa 22 (REF F523021x)

Reversible rack for 2 cassettes

For Lisa 517, Lisa 317 and Lisa 17 (REF F523016x)

For Lisa 522, Lisa 322 and Lisa 22 (REF F523017x)

Reversible rack for 3 wide cassettes

Lisa MB17
(REF F523010x)

Lisa MB22
(REF F523011x)

Reversible rack for 2 cassettes

Lisa MB17
(REF F523013x)

Lisa MB22
(REF F523014x)

Reversible rack for 3 standard cassettes

Lisa MB17
(REF F523002x)

Lisa MB22
(REF F523006x)

Reversible rack for 4 cassettes

Lisa MB17
(REF F523018x)

Lisa MB22
(REF F523019x)

Aluminium tray

for Lisa MB17, Lisa 517, Lisa 317 and Lisa 17
(REF F523204x)

for Lisa MB22, Lisa 522, Lisa 322 and Lisa 22
(REF F523205x)

Tray holder
(REF F523001x)

Door seal for Lisa MB
(REF F460503x)

Bacteriological filter for all sterilisers
(REF W322400x)

Door seal for Lisa 500, Lisa 300 and Lisa 17 & 22
(REF F460504x)

Dust filter
for Lisa 500, Lisa 300 and Lisa 17 & 22
(REF F364502x)

Bowie & Dick test kit
20 tests (Browne)
(REF T800002x)

Helix test kit
1 test and 250 test strips (Browne)
(REF T800205x)