Suction and Compressors

Suction and Compressors

Cattani Compressors

Selecting the correct size compressor is vital to the unit’s performance, reliability and longevity. Cattani compressors are an oil free compressor that provides clean, dry air. They are a reliable and durable product that comes with a 5 year warranty. Cattani have a large range of compressors to suit your surgery requirements, from 1 to 16 chair surgeries.

Acoustic options: All Cattani compressors can be supplied with an acoustic hood or an acoustic cover which reduces the noise levels by approximately 10 dB (A).

Image of a Catanni Suction Unit

Cattani Suction Units
Turbo Smart is a variable speed suction system that automatically adapts to the surgery requirements. As you lift a suction tip the unit responds by increasing its speed, hang up the tip and the Turbo Smart slows down. The Turbo Smart system is not only a powerful suction unit with high airflow; it also monitors the vacuum level, and automatically responds to any change in the use from the surgeries.

Turbo Smart A

With a maximum speed of 4800 rpm, the Turbo Smart A is designed for 1-2 surgeries.

Turbo Smart B
With a maximum speed of 6200 rpm, the Turbo Smart B is designed for 3-4 surgeries.

As you increase the number of chairs in your surgery, you can upgrade your Turbo Smart A to a Turbo Smart B, simply by purchasing a password upgrade.

Turbo Smart can be purchased with the ISO-18 Hydrocyclone (Compliant to ISO 11143) or it can be Easily retro-fitted at a later date.